i’m feeling so much more optimistic lately. =) maybe it’s because of the sun, or the conversation i had with paul last night.. or should i say, this morning? =) it’s amazing how little things like that still find ways to embellish my simple silly life.

i’m still waiting for a good news. i know it’ll come.

my family might be able to start the green card process sooner than we thought. woohoo~ =)

i love driving through metro atlanta area. it’s really fun. =) i already drove around the entire city! malls here are really cool. =) i love going downtown to lenox mall or perimeter mall. i dont have to buy anything, though that rarely happens. i wanna move this place, exactly the way it is, to california. haha i love going to that pretzel house, that table in cpk, that ice cream place.. =) i’m gonna miss all those places i’ve been to with suzanne once i start school. *sigh* maybe i should pack suzanne in my backpack when i fly back to california. =D what a brilliant idea!

anyhow.. i miss my baby terribly. i thought i was doing okay without seeing him. even other people asked me how come i look so normal. haha. but it’s only getting worse. awwwww~


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