Maybe it’s the weather here. very santa barbara-like.. but anyway, i’ve been feeling really good. i’ve been eating healthy and working out alot. and really donig whatever i feel like doing, without sticking to schedule that much at all. It was like a month of heaven, no rules, no school, no schedule.

hmm feel like i need to get my life in order now though. i don’t wanna waste this dreamy vacation/break. i’m gonna start reading alot more and study japanese more. less TV time. hmm

i miss paul and karen alot. two people who can make me laugh like crazy. ahhh i had cpk the other day with suzanne, but you know what. it just isn’t the same without the gossip/serious talk with karen and woojoo. and my thursdays are not the same without 4-hour long hanul practice. haha. and my mondays aren’t the same anymore without god-knows-how-long-or-short staff meetings. hehehehe. well, minus the drama. =)

ahhhh i miss california just in general i think. my home. ahhh i miss the sun and the walk in santa barbara downtown. when i go back, i’m gonna make sure i get some shopping time on state street. yupyup.

just finished working out. i haven’t weighed myself in a month. i think this has been the longest time i’ve stayed healthy since high school. Maybe, I see the end of the cycle? Hope so.

Only thing that’s driving me crazy is waiting for acceptance letters. or rejection letters. i dont know anything yet. driving me nuts with “did i? did I not? where will I be?” questions. I know, I’ve gone through this many many times with college applications and apartment applications, but it’s still nerve-wrecking. I don’t really care WHERE it is, as long as it’s somewhere I can be happy. I did my part, and I just have to wait. This is one of those moments that makes me believe.. maybe, sometimes, I need to leave things to fate. Life will take me anywhere that are meant for me, just me. Ahhh being too pessimistic? Hm no.. I know wherever I end up, I’ll find my ways to make my life okay again. =)

Alright, that’s it for now. I’m gonna hop in the shower. Good night~


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  1. good to hear ur chillin…sorry that i havent been callin alot lately,…been somewhat busy with stuff…after this week is over all will be well. ok i love you girl! take care.

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