i’ve been busy since the last time i updated xanga. it’s not that i have a lot of things to do or that i am psychologically and emotionally preoccupied. I’m just so sick of having nothing to do. I’m bored out of my mind!!

I’ve been trying to avoid being bored.. I would wake up late, on purpose so that my days aren’t that long, and then i’d read a book, write in my journal, cook something nice to eat, then clean my room. It’s been exactly a month since I took a final exam for the one last time, at least at UCSB. Now, that seems like an old memory, ages and ages ago. Call me crazy, but yeah, I have to admit I really miss the hectic schedule, finals, midterms, quizzes and discussion sections. I feel the lingering urge to pack my backpack with thick books and readers, get on my “custom-made” bike and pedal as fast as I can to get to class on time. Ah…

anyways~ Things here are not as bad either. The weather’s been very much like that of Santa Barbara, cool and sunny. Except for the tall trees and the licence plates, I almost feel like I’m back in Goleta, on Los Carneros with my car windows rolled down. =)

Maybe I must go look at the list I made a long time ago.. The list of things to do when I retire or something. It almost feels the same anyway. I feel like I’m out of this world, having nothing to do and feeling useless and unproductive, while I see all my friends and family spend their minutes and seconds to do something purposeful in life. I must do something.


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