ahahaha so a funny story to start off my xanga entry:

yesterday, it rained a little again, so i guess the grass in the backyard was wetter than usual. I was gonna park my car into the garage by backing up.. well, the garage side of my house is met by the little patch of grass.. I usually pull my car as far as i can into this grass and back up in T-shape into the garage.. but two problems. One, the grass was really soaked.. and Two, that side happens to be really steep as well.. So what happened? When I tried to back up into the garage, I could hear my tires turning but no movement. ARRRG yeah.. my car got stuck in the mud and there was no way to move my car out of it.

So, yeah, we tried everything. Mom got in the car, Dad, Suzanne, and I tried pushing the car forward. The car ended up in our backyward. *sigh* That’s even worse. haha. The whole thing was kinda funny, and yeah, stressful. hahaha

Dad eventually called AAA and pulled it out of the hellish yard.. serious, it looks like that side of our backyard never existed. HAHAHA

anyways. hehe today was an alright day. Made chicken soup from scratch, kiwi juice, watched a lot of korean dramas.. and i love quantity-over-quality shopping sometimes. ^^

im realizing how much i love my closet and my mp3 player. =D



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  1. º¸°í ½Í´Ù´Â ¸»À» Çϸ酳» ¿·À¸·Î ¹Ù·Î ¿À°Ô µÇ¾úÀ¸¸é ÁÁ°Ú´Âµ¥…¤»¤»¤» u got ur car stuck…¤¾¤¾¤¾ ±Í¿©¿î °Í.

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