Great.. made this delicious vegetable soup this morning. mmm yummy. =)
My diet’s been going great hehe. I feel I’m getting healthier. The other day, I re-evaulated my diet while I was living in SB.. Diet coke, cake, cookies, salad, chocolate, more diet coke, rice occasionally. Ah..

I’m here to announce that I am going to be completely diet coke-free until I regain my health.. I came home to realize how unhealthy my body is.. I think I’ve been in the worst shape ever.. Well, that’s soon to be changed. I’ve been eating just healthy food. Mostly raw.. like salad, fruits.. I’m gonna stay away from processed stuff for few days.. =)

okay well other than that, i’ve been feeling really relaxed. *GASPS!!* who would have imagined that I could RELAX?!?! anyways. Yeah, I’m keeping myself busy as usual with reading, studying, and exercising.. but still, I try not to worry myself too much with.. you know, future stuff. I don’t wanna think about what’s really not in my control.. Just focus on today.. this way of life can be good for me, especially now that I’m taking sort-of-a-break from my hectic, insanely busy life. Recharging.

Everything about this break is about recharging I guess. My body, my soul… The first week has already been over.. I know, I was little weird about everything when I first got here.. Gloomy and irritable.. but I think I’m okay now. I’m at peace once again.


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