Wow.. It rained last night. God. What’s up with the weather in Atlanta? It’s so unpredictable..


Things are all organized now. My room is all clean, no boxes no bags. =) Ah.. just wait until my other two boxes arrive from the post office. Hehe. Then more organizing to do, I guess. But as for now, I like my room. It needs more decoration and a big stereo, but my MP3 player is connected to these two big speakers I had from my old computer. It has good music 24/7 (hehe 680 songs and still counting..) I have two windows, through which I see a beautiful neighborhood.. all red brick houses.. so pretty


I guess I’m getting used to living here. Kinda getting familiar with all the street names here. I was driving yesterday, and I actually felt like I knew something. =)


anyways~ i think im gonna go drink something warm.. so cold in this room.


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