watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s… Seems like the perfect movie for the Valentine’s??? I also plan to watch my all-time favorite Gone with the Wind.. ahhhh..

Well, a part of the reason why I watched the movie this morning was I felt really sick when I woke up. I was talking to paul, and I got off the phone with him.. Then i tried getting up and walk to get the kitchen light, I felt dizzy so i had to sit down again.. feeling nauseated for about a minute or so.. i decided to hit the sack early as well … i slept like a baby.. and throughout the night, i kept waking up to turn on and off the heater.. i woke up this morning feeling still nauseated.. and my stomach hurt.. i dont think i have a stomachache.. cuz it’s just a pang of stabbing pain every now and then.. right below my breasts..

anyhow.. popped in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and stayed in bed until 9:30… I came to work even though i still feel uneasy.. i must get some rest…


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