this weekend was simply great.


Went down on friday: I got on the AMTRAK bus around 3:30. got stuck in traffic so I got to LA Union Station around 8:05. Missed the connecting train at 30 minutes ago. Waited for the next train, 10:10pm. Get to Irvine at 11:05. Met this amazing publicist who hooked me up with his lawyer friend who went to loyola and studied entertainment law. cool cool. paul came to pick me up but by the time we get home we were so tired. well i was really sleepy.


The picnic was awesome: I woke up around 7, the quickest preparation time EVER. I washed my face and brushed my teeth, got dressed, put makeup on all in just 20 minutes or so. Waited for Sungjin Oppa to call and pick me up. No sign of him. Around 8:15 am, moonyoung called and picked me up instead. Wow, we’re oh so very late. All the irvine ppl met up on campus and left together at.. 8:50. Meeting time? LA Hodori Plaza at 9:00. Wow.


But when we get there, SB people didn’t even leave Fullerton, Jeannie’s place. Well well well. around 10:30, we finally split up, so Jeannie, Betty and I walked the total of 14 blocks, handing out flyers and explaining what’s going on.. cool cool. Suraboel and Kids Furniture, and Ggok Ji Catering really liked us~ hehehe Oh and this woman at the hair salon. Wow my legs really hurt.


Went to the Grove Park on the 3rd and Beverly.. It was a really beautiful park. nothing about it reminded me of the fact that we were in LA. ate (my ingenious potato chip sandwich!) and played some silly games (PB Game, Bacon Dance… )


I got home, feeling exhausted from all the eating and laughing.. Took a shower while no one was home, and started reading. An hour later, I just decide to take a nap, and i slept until 10 when paul called to say that he’s out of his rotc stuff. mmm when he got home, we ate and just fell asleep.


Sunday: woke up very late at 10, ate, and fell back asleep. I guess we both had really bad week in terms of school and work. we slept until it was time for me to leave. =P wow, all we did was sleep. nonetheless, it was just great seeing paul again. I spent most of my time trying to figure out how to make his week better. i guess sleeping was a good way to relax.


Wow.. this weekend was once again, amazing. i love him more and more as the time passes by… yeah.. naturally, given the time we’ve been dating… it might be too early to say. but most of the uncertainties i had for my feelings are.. gone.. i guess i asked myself, when would i ever let myself go completely free and and let myself fall in love? If not now, when I’m young enough, when will I ever let myself completely vulnerable to someone else, just because I love him so much that I don’t care what it takes to be with him? Like the quote from Sex and the City, “that all-consuming, ridiculous, inconvenient, ‘i have to be with you’ kind of love.” how long will I wait until I let myself fall in love? What is there to be afraid?


Mmmm Wow. It’s wonderful to be in love.


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