a pretty amazing weekend..

got to see my favorite daddy, Dyuman, aka Mandoo Daddy. hehe here’s a recap:

-got to see his nice little room.. aw but it looked kinda lonesome, if you ask me.
-got some lunch at the fashion island. Ozumo. it was a really nice contemporary japanese place.. loved the interior design. i want my house to look like that someday.
-he asked me if i wanted to walk around a little. i told him no, i should save the money for the applications for law school.
-i told him i felt like ice cream. and he insisted on coldstone. “only the best for my jean” okay..
-that turned out to be a bad decision. couldn’t find one around there, and we got lost.
-after driving for like 10 miles, he said oh f— it and we went back to the fashion island. haha.
-he again insisted that he had seen a coldstone shop here. nonono, but the icecream shop next to the fountain is hagen daz honey.

it was really nice spending time with dyuman again. reminded me of the days back in high school.. how we went out for lunch and barely made it to our 6th period classes; how when he got his new car,  i got to ride in it at that one time we had a gathering at Chilis; how he cheered me up by driving SOOO fast up and down the hill near cupertino.. hehe it was really fun. and i loved seeing him again. oh by the way, i was right! dyuman, we should’ve driven a little farther down the street, we would’ve found the coldstone. hehe

anyways.. this weekend was awesome not only because of dyuman, but also because i got to meet paul’s parents. i like them alot. especially his mother. seeing all of them together like that, making small jokes, silly little arguments here and there really made me miss my parents and suzanne. kinda got depressed and homesick after seeing dyuman so i came back and sat out in the sun for a while before i got inside. i feel better now that i called dad. mom got into another car accident on the day it snowed really hard there. poor mom.. her car just got fixed from the last accident too! aww…. thankfully, she didn’t get hurt this time.

saw jameen too. god. this weekend was really busy huh hehe. my favorite oppa. i realized how happy my life is because i still see my favorite people all the time. you know what. as long as i see them, i figured i can get through this minor homesickness. they ARE my second family. =) see, i got the daddy, i got the boyfriend, i got the older brother. a great single-daddy family i guess. =D i liked cooking for you oppa. and i’m looking forward to the 12th. or maybe even this weekend????

i’m thinking about what i should do after i graduate in march. go back to GA for few weeks maybe? until i figure some things out.. in terms of where to go for law school and stuff.. hmmm.

hey haha check this out.

The differences between the Cupertino High Schools:

How many students from Homestead High School does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Zero. They pay other people to do it for them.

How many students from Lynbrook High School does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
15. 2 to measure the volume of the lightbulb, 3 to check the capacitance of the socket, 4 to measure the resistance within the lightbulb, and 6 to create an appliance that lifts it up and screws it in for them.

How many students from Cupertino High School does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
2. That’s how many people it takes to threaten the 15 Lynbrook kids to do it for them.

How many students from Monta Vista High School does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
It really only takes one, but you have 135 students competing against each other for who gets the glory to screw it in first and the best.

You know you go to Homestead when:
– Your clothes are all designer
– You’re from asia, but you’re white washed
– You hear of this rest of the world but are not sure what they are
– Dissociate any connection you have with Cupertino
– Hang out in downtown Los Altos

You know you go to Lynbrook when:
– You spend the majority of your time studying
– Your sports teams are worse than Gunn’s
– You are somewhat nerdy
– You cry over a B+

You know you go to Cupertino HS when:
– You are a wannabe ghetto asian
– You think you live in East San Jose
– Black people make fun of you

You know you go to Monta Vista when:
– You cry over an A-
– You would kill the highest scoring person to create a curve
– You would kill anyone/anything for the grade
– Morals come second to college

true true. but hey i loved MV.


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