Body Cleansing..

i want to scream.
i must say these words to you.
i can’t sit still.
i see myself asleep at night.
i want to wake up.
and scream.
people hear my voice.
but the words leave my body
and they are no longer mine.
i want to scream.
and the words,
i will dump them out of me.
i will scream and scream
until my words start to bleed
my voice tainted with thick blood
until my body is hallow
and without one drop of blood left in my pale face.

then i will breathe.
and i will fill my life with
not words
but thoughts.
my face will glow with rosy flush
new blood
a new life.
a new voice.
then i will not need you.
i will not need you to hear me.
to hear me scream.

i know you will not survive
without my anger.

i will destroy you in my thoughts.
you may have waited
all these years to hear me scream
but i will not give you
the pleasure of learning my words

you don’t control me.
i can.
i will see you.
while i live on.
i think.
you can’t hear me.


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