Mmm been awake since 4 AM.. ah~ another great weekend has passed by and how much time I have until everything’s over is finally haunting me.. Great.


Made some cookies.. first batch was alrite.. the 2nd one.. i made it right before i left for school so i was running out of time… so i just spread the dough over the entire cookie sheet/pan.. and baked it.. it came out looking like brownies.. only that it was lighter. eeek.. it tasted like cookie nonetheless.. minus the crunchiness…


learning to cope with all these negative thoughts in my head.. i can’t sleep at night. *sigh* i haven’t been this disturbed since high school i guess.. but by the end of february, i’ll be okay. honestly, right now, i just want to get this thing over with.


got into my miss sixty jeans for the first time since the winter break. woohoo.. size 25, which is supposedly my size, but haha size 25 my ass.. did they mean 25 inches HIPS, instead of 25 inches around the waist???? god..


good good good. another day started about an hour ago. and i’m bitter. this is interesting. hopefully some good hearty breakfast will cheer me up.



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