it sucks when you thought you were okay when you were surrounded by your close friends.. and then suddenly, you find yourself alone in the room, afraid, angry, bitter, and melancholy…. at least i’m keeping myself busy with the midterm and the paper..


i wasted like 3 hours just online.. i’m such a dork.. i dont talk to anybody online, yet SOMEHOW i manage to waste away my precious hours that could’ve been put into studying.. you’ll see alot of updates today.. i’m gonna keep xanga open and vent whenever i have to while trying to study foucault and rubin for tomorrow’s midterm. arg.


i think my english professor hates me. or at least she thinks i’m a slack off.. i hate giving people wrong impressions.. but i assume i must deal with it.


it’s okay. i’m only like this in the beginning of the week. u know why? hmmmmm i wonder…


i realized how much i miss high school. i told myself over and over on the graudation day that i’d never miss high school.. dramas traumas questions and celebrations. arg.


i keep eating chocolate. this is bad. *sigh* maybe i need sleep. nono. i’m gonna go study first. and THEN sleep around 10. yah.. right…


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