i remember being so overwhelmed about uncertainties in my life. Not knowing what is going to happen in the future, not knowing what other people are thinking about me, or not knowing whether they are even thinking about me. i drove myself crazy just thinking and worrying all the time, every minute of my waking moment. well if it were 2 years ago, the current situation would have freaked me out. a lot.

but i’ve grown to kind of enjoy this. it’s kind of fun, you know? i dont know where and how i’ll get to these places i want to be at. underneath the reasons and facts i learned to trust, i rely on my raw instinct. it’s when i don’t listen to my instinct and start to be logical that i get in trouble. when i am lost and confused, i’d much rather simply close my eyes, and avoid looking down or back, and boldly walk across the river. just by relying on my raw, animalistic senses to tell me where to put my next foot. sometimes, the truth is not necessarily what i see. sometimes, i have to put my foot, not on but next to the stepping stone to save myself from slipping.

³ª´Â ´Ù½Ã±Ý.. ¸ñÇ¥¹°À» ÇâÇØ ÁúÁÖÇÏ´Â.. À̱۰Ÿ®´Â °í¾çÀÌÀÇ ºû³ª´Â ´«µ¿ÀÚ¸¦ °¡Áø ¸Å ÇѸ¶¸®°¡ µÇ¾ú´Ù. °í¾çÀÌ´Â ½Ã·Âº¸´Ù ÀÚ½ÅÀÇ ¼ö¿°¿¡ ÀÇÁ¸ÇÑ´Ù. ´«¿¡ º¸ÀÌ´Â °Ç ¹ÏÁö ¾Ê¾Æµµ µÈ´Ù. ¿À·ÎÁö ³» ¾È¿¡ ²ÞƲ°Å¸®´Â ÀÌ ¹«¾ð°¡.. ‘º»´É’ À̶ó´Â ¶Ç ÇϳªÀÇ ´«µ¿Àڷθ¸ ¼¼»óÀ» ¹Ù¶óº¸ÀÚ.


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