having lots of fun while i can. =P it’s really hard to believe that this is gonna be the last quarter here at UCSB… wow.. yesterday, my poli sci professor told us in class about his life as a high school and college student.. it was really motivating.. and made me realize it’s never too late for anything. my first impression of him was that he was probably from wealthy, upper-class, white family, ivy-league educated, etc.. but wow.. his story was amazing. i mean i liked him before. but i like him even more now.. it was something i needed to hear, especially now than ever, because lately, I couldn’t help feeling like an idiot for making mistakes everyday.. but he said that, at our age, there’s NO mistake that cannot be corrected.. It was just something I needed to hear at the right moment, at the right place. I feel a little better now. =)


it finally stopped raining. i remember i used to love playing in the rain.. i used to look at the old people who run or fumble through their bags frantically looking for an umbrella as if the rain is some kind of contagious disease. i thought to myself that i’d never turn out like that cuz i loved rain..


ugh now i can’t stand it.. psychologically, we grow up seeing accidents, deaths, just bad things associated with rain.. it just makes me depressed and irritated now.. wow suddenly i feel so old.


anyhow, it was really warm and sunny outside today. i’m loving the every moment of it while it lasts, cuz i checked the weather report only to find out that it’s gonna rain again on saturday. craptacular!




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