Had a great day today.. I went to sleep really late but still managed to wake up around 7:30.. and I cleaned my room a little.. Then I ran for about 40~45 minutes around the neighborhood… Got chased by the dogs and the post office truck but it’s cool, i still got some workout anyhow. haha.


I really gotta clean up my room. OMG. it’s still full of moving boxes.. No furniture has been assembled yet. Arg. It’s as twice as hard to organize your room when you don’t have a room. Like, a bed is the center piece in every bedroom so it’s really difficult without one.


ANyways~ I really like the new house. it’s really pretty, especially the decoration in the dining room and the bathrooms.. I love the backyard too. =) I think when everyone’s gone tomorrow, I’m gonna take a nice long hot bath in the jacuzzi. nice nice…


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