It’s official: Karen got me addicted to bagels. My bagel loving started all because of her. hehehe. Her loving started when I gave her some bagels with strawberry cream cheese last year after our crazy night in LA… Then I threw away all my bagels with other carbs including ice cream, cake (_so sad….. still makes me sad when i remember how beautiful it looked even in the trash bag_), rice, and cereal..

But now I realize my life isn’t complete without some carbs.. like fruits and rice… I just recently added whole wheat bagels and brown rice crispie cereal. Hehehe. Then few weeks ago, I got bad and bought captain crunch.. ahhhhhhhhh!!!! i need to stop…  REALLY stop this binging. And as I’m saying this, I’m reaching for the key lime yogurt i bought last friday. *gasps* dairy!!! at least I stopped eating egg yolks again. whew. =P


sorry i’m rambling.. i guess i’m trying to avoid having to study for the two poli sci finals tomorrow.. I think I’m okay in modern political theory class.. locke, hobbes, rousseau, and machiavelli are like overlapped with the poli sci 1 class from freshman year.. so that’s kinda easy.. i just need to re-read marx and mill.. i’ll do that tonight..

and then ps 157 is gonna be kinda hard.. i have to memorize all the presidents’ names and their dates in office.. how they got there, etc.. plus there’s the intergrative essay about the four characteristics that differetiate the modern presidency from the pre-modern… great.


then on wednesday, i have english final.. easy easy. i’m almost guaranteed an A. this class is the ONLY class i feel really confident about what i know. i should’ve been an english major.. but i thought double major was kinda too hard. i guess a minor is good enough for now…  I think i’m gonna make a promise to myself right now.. even when i graduate, i’ll look for english classes or writing workshops… hehehe


cannot wait to be done with finals. i’m literally going insane. and i need a vacation real bad. I think i’m gonna be sick if i had to study anymore. i need more motivation…. hmmm i think i’m gonna go to the gym tomorrow and work out for like 2 hours.. that should do the trick for now..



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