Since Wednesday, I have not slept.

Ok, to be exact. 1 hr on Wednesday night and about 30 minutes this morning.
Strange… I’m not sleepy at all..
I think this proves the human’s limitless strength when it comes to pure survival.. Sleeping seems like a luxury I cannot afford right now.

Actually… I think I’m liking this more than I sound. You know what, I dont NEED sleep. I just want it. I don’t HAVE to sleep. I can be awake every moment of my life and won’t even notice. I don’t even have dark circles under my eyes right now. I’m glowing. Peachy.

You know what I want right now?

A cake.


A warm bath.





A massage.

Okay FINE. I want SLEEP.

I’m only a human.


3 thoughts on “

  1. You know what I want at this moment? well…you, and for you to get some sleep. ÀÚ±â°Å Àú´« ¸ð½ÀÀ» º¸°í ½Í¾î…±×·¡¾ß ¾È½É µÉ °Í °°¾Æ.

  2. dahh.. i know… what happened to us this quarter? we use to be the two healthiest in terms of taking care of ourselves… damn it!! i need to go home to recooperate. school is very unhealthy for me.

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