So the battle goes on.. A small girl inside me screams for help. The world goes around and around, with no beginning, without an end.. All she wanted, was to be clean and pure.

Smaller and smaller.. until she disappears…


It rained for a couple of hours in SB today.. Really nice. It wasn’t one of those depressing gray-skyed rain. It was what Korean people would call, “Sweet Rain” (dan bi)… It was exactly that. The air smelled so sweet, it intoxicated me as I looked outside through the only window in my studio.

I can’t believe it’s already Saturday.. Thanksgiving weekend sounded like a really long weekend, almost a break.. Gosh.. It was great, letting myself waste two whole days for doing nothing but relaxing and worrying about other things very little.

Back on track: everything starts new… no, rather it goes back to the beginning, when I knew exactly how to do everything.


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  1. hmm… i don’t know if you’re going through the same thing as i am but i feel like i have the peter pan syndrome… where i’m in between being a kid and adult… certain things are scarying me a lot especially how other people are dealing with it… and i wonder how i’m going to deal with it… i still live in a very idealistic world and reality is breaking it down… and i don’t know what to do… *sigh*… maybe it’s not the same thing as you’re dealing with but just know you’re not alone with these ickie thoughts and feelings… maybe one day we can have some time together to just talk and hang out.. miss you jean!

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