such a beautiful day today.

I love walking in the sun, listening to beautiful music. =) I walked to school again. I couldn’t fight the urge to. I’m getting used to the idea of walking to school everyday.. I don’t like biking anymore.. it’s too cold.. It’s about 20-minute walk but it’s alright.. I get to exercise a little bit and listen to music too. When I used to bike, I could barely listen to like 2 songs then I’ll get to class. Heh

Well~ I’m having a really easy-going day today.. Nothing to do in class. I have Korean, PS 157, and ED 173.. Korean is always fun, PS 157 just had a midterm on Monday and for the next 3 weeks, we only have to attend lectures on the project topic we’re working on.. I’m doing the Reagan and Iran Contra so I just have to go to THOSE lectures.. Easy easy. Ed 173 is also doing projects so now, I dont’ have to PHYSCIALLY be in these classes everyday. It almost feels like I have more free time now. Although I should be investing this time into my projects. Should get started on the Iran Contra project. I’m happy that I got my topic.. the other one sounded not that interesting at all.. I got my thick book on Reagan’s administration.. Can’t wait till I hit the books again. I haven’t been able to read for my own pleasure for the LONGEST time. This Reagan book will do for now. =)

Everyone have a lovely day today too aiite?


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