hehe can’t believe i’m 20 now.. i’m in my twenties! haha it feels weird. well I don’t feel any different.. I look in the mirror and see the same Jean from yesterday. Nothing changed apparently.. But I do feel differently about alot of things.. I feel like this is a new beginning. =)

I’m studying for the PS 157 midterm tomorrow.. I am officially.. crazy for this class. I love it. =) It makes me feel like a big nerd whenever I say this, but I love this class. It genuinely makes me happy to learn the expansion of the presidential power in the executive branch after the Myers v U.S. hahahaha yah seriously, what the hell am i on?

drinking diet coke with chocolate doesn’t help me stay up at all.. I just had 3 cans of diet coke with some chocolate.. haha.. i’m building up my caffeine tolerance i guess.. doesn’t work unless it’s a nice shot of espresso.. i need starbucks.. eh, already 1..


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  1. well well well.. happy 20th jean. haha, i remember writing the roiwuzpiquer on the calendar that day back in high school.. with everyone going “what the hell is roiwuzpiquer?” oh well. roiwuzpiquer.

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