I definitely need more sleep.. God.. I came home around 4 yesterday. wahahah but i had fun. =) and yupyup I woke up at 6:45 AM and went to school and studied in the library until my 9 o’clock class. =D feeling so motivated to study thesedays. I feel like I’m finally back to being myself, juggling and managing a million things at once. =) Apparently, my co-workers have been referring students with time management issues to me. haha. that’s a great compliment. I love my stress peers.

anyways. I’m still in library.. gotta study for my 11 o’clock section.. and tomorrow is KCAG’s picnic day.. busybusybusy.. but i love the newcomers, they’re so funny and so energetic.. THey all seem like GREAT people. =)


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