kinda tired… but doing mostly okay.. =) I’m just kinda busy catching up with all the readings I haven’t done cuz I was studying for the LSAT at the time.. Gosh.. why are professors giving us so much reading on the first week…

I’m behind 3 articles in PS106 the racism class.. I’m still 3 chapters behind Machiavelli for the modern theory class… 3 articles and 3 chapters behind in the american presidency class.. luckily i’m not behind in neither the gay/les lit class nor the leadership class.. i think i can do well in modern theory and the presidency class.. but i dont know about the racism one.. the professor seems tough but he doesn’t lecture well.. his lectures always run out of time and he has an outline for the class but then we barely go over any of the points he has on the outline…maybe like a sentence for each point.. and the rest of the time it’s all graphs and stuff.. *sigh*

Went to the library yesterday.. i checked out a bunch of movies.. haha it’s like i go there for the videos, not the books.. Yah i got a “The Way Home (Jip Eu Ro)” on dvd.. always wanted to watch it but never got around to it. but i think i’ll like it. =)

aiite.. another day has started. gotta go get ready!


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