Wow.. so it’s finally over.. hehe my friends and I celebrated the end of my stressful days of studying for the LSAT.. yay~

I think I did okay. I mean.. the first section was pretty horrible cuz I was still panicking and stuff.. But it got okay from then on.. And I made lotsa friends there.. Everyone was so friendly and approachable! How weird. hehe

Anyways.. Today was all about relaxation.. I woke up at 7, and stayed in bed until like 11… reading and listening to new CDs I burned.. Watched Ireland, the new Korean drama everyone’s talking about.. .. I watched Good Will Hunting while pampering myself to an all-natural facial I made myself, with milk, honey, and brown sugar, and some cucumber.. =P It was NICE. So relaxing.

Other than that, I went to Vons and Rite Aid to get some grocery and makeup stuff… I saw Lisa at Vons.. I didn’t know she worked on weekends too.. wow.. it was cool seeing her there in Vons’ brownish uniform.. kinda reminds me of a zookeeper stuff… hahaha anyways..

gotta go do some work now. =) or maybe I should shower first so I can get this sticky honey out of my hair..


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  1. hehe good to hear that your lsats went okay~ hehe you know you could do well… why all the doubt? haha jean.. hope kcag and everything is going well. too bad i don’t get to see you often anymore… maybe i’ll come out sometimes just to see you guys.. hehe take cares!

  2. hey mean jean~~ =0)
    u still owe be pat bing soo w/ that bing soo dduk or wutever in it… hehe  well hope everything is goin well w/ u… well c u around ^_^

  3. your xanga changes everytime i visit~^^..Im glad to hear your LSAT is FINALLY OVER~..I haven’t got a call from the company but..Im still praying…;;oh yah~mom says that she got a call from CHUT JJAE E MO yesterday and told mom that JH OPPA Is getting married right after christmas~!!..we should send him an email or somethin~;; are you busy catching up with dramas?? why arent you calling me…><;;;;; As you see this comment, JUHN HWA JO YO!!! Love, Suz

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