Been studying alot.. My life currently is on a rollercoaster. it resembles the weather pattern here. So unpredictable and fickle. One day, I’ll be glowing with confidence, next day I’ll be stressed out over the nebulous days ahead. Errr.

I’ve been eating so much. Mom’s food is good and everytime we go shopping Mom would buy me so much food. So tempting and I can’t stop myself. I must’ve gained about 20 pounds. My yoga pants used to fit me little loose. They’re tight around my waist and leaves marks from the elastics. But surprisingly, weight is not on my priorities right now. I’m just too worried about the next month or so until the October exam. I want to scream. Weight, I can lose it when I go back to Santa Barbara, but I can’t lose one minute, one second, or even one breathing moment. Relaxation is a luxury that I cannot afford.

This headache is killing me. I could really live without this anxiety. Otherwise, I could really enjoy this whole studying thing.


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  1. hilo jean! oh i don’t know … i just realized that reality is more cynical and less idealistic than i wish it was. But i’m not willing to give my idealism yet. And somehow i think that’s only hurting me more. i think i need to do a lot more growing up. yeah… i don’t know what the hell i’m talking about. -_-

  2. hi jean~~i miss u girl!! ur sense of humor!!! or ur laughing!!! heh..and ur foods!! i dont wana go back yet~~~-_-l i miss people not school i guess…..or i’m used to korea…mola…anyway, jal ji ne~~

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