done packing!

just have to do the last check on them; and leave! hehehe finding the bag small enough was difficult. wow, it was so weird. I usually had trouble looking for a big enough bag to fit all my stuff in. I think this is the first time I needed a SMALLER bag. haha

anyways. it’s 12:33 AM.. I just got out of bed. No, i wasn’t sleeping. I was in bed, staring up in the ceiling trying to cool off. The heat inside my apartment is unbearable on top of the anger I felt from earlier today. I think I found another wicked cycle of my life. this time, not food.

want to end it, it gives me a headache just by thinking about what happened. UGH. it disgusts me.

anyways, i’m glad I can leave all this behind tomorrow. Trying to decide whether I should take my laptop or not. hehe… oh well oh well~~


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  1. aww yeah… well, my parents are a little better now.. but dahhh it might be because i always go play now… dahh… hope your situation will be okay.. dahh it sucks being the oldest! be prepared.. georgia get’s quite hot in the summer .. and the shade is no better than under the sun.

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