studying for my midterm. Well. Actually finishing up. Hehehe. I’m finishing up the take-home essay part of the midterm.. Then the in-class essay question’s already given, so I’ll make an outline of it tonight. Then do some reading for English, and then go to sleep!

Having a nice day.. Had Freebird for the FIRST TIME TODAY! hehehe. i can’t believe I had my first Freebird quesadilla after living in IV over 2 years! Hehehe. But yah, like the reputation.. it was AWESOME. really really good. I had a big quesadilla around 10:30.. I haven’t been hungry since, it’s like 5:30 PM now.. I’ve been writing my essay until now.. In the library.. It’s been like 3 hours. Pretty impressive.

well I”m gonna go keep writing.. Probably be done in an hour or two.. =)


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