LAYER ONE: On The Outside

Name: Jean

Birth date: 11/7/84

Current location: Santa Barbara yup taking Summer session A
Eye Color: dark brown

Hair Color: Dark brown.

Height: 5’3″

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio


LAYER TWO: On The Inside

Shoes you wore today: ¡°Brick¡± shoes. hahaha

Weakness: Chocolate. And Cake/Pie. Any baked goods I guess.

Your fears: I fear that I have too many fears.

Your perfect pizza: Veggie Pizza. Pan.

A goal you’d like to achieve: Overcome my weakness and be the best that I can be.


LAYER THREE: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Most overused phrase on AIM: hehe

Your thoughts first waking up: Please let today be my lucky day.

Your best physical feature:  I like my legs.

Your bedtime: Between 11 and midnight.

Your most missed memory: High school and spring quarter of 1st year in college.



Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi
Burger King or Mcdonalds: McDonald¡¯s. Love their desserts!

Single or group dates: Single. Need my privacy.

Adidas or Nike: Nike. Just Do It.

Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla… when it comes to ice cream, vanilla is the tradition.

Coffee or Cappuccino: Coffee. Black.



Smoke: nope..

Cuss: Not usually. When I¡¯m extremely upset, yes.

Have a crush(es): Often.

Think you’ve been in love: Yes.

Like(d) high school: It was alright. Had good memories. Bad moments, but it¡¯s all past and past is always better than the future.

Want to get married: No. Maybe if someone with enough charm comes along in the future.

Believe in yourself: Try to.

Think you’re attractive: Sometimes.

Get along with your parents: I¡¯m like any other people. Parents can be your best friends, but can be pain in the butt too.

Like thunderstorms: I like listening to my thunderstorm spa CD, but not in real life. Too loud.

Play an instrument: Piano and Flute. Flute better than piano, cuz I played it after quitting piano. Heh.  


LAYER SIX: In the past month have you…

Drank alcohol: Yes

Made Out: Yes

Gone to the mall: Yes.. I should stop my binge shopping spree.

Eaten an entire box of Oreos: No. Don¡¯t like Oreos.

Eaten sushi: Nope. Haven¡¯t gone home so..

Been on stage: What kind of stage?

Been dumped: Nope.

Gone skating: Nope.

Gone skinny dipping: No~

Dyed your hair: No~ Never again. But I say that every year.

Stolen anything: Nope



Played a game that required removal of clothing: Nope.

Been caught “doing something”: Nope. I¡¯m very discreet.

Gotten beaten up: Yes

Shoplifted: Nope


LAYER EIGHT: Getting Older

Age you hope to be married: 29~39

Numbers and Names of Children: 1 or 2.

How do you want to die: I¡¯d like to know when I die, so I can plan things.

What do you want to be when you grow up: Super successful and charismatic.

What country would you most like to visit: Africa, Vietnam, Japan.


LAYER NINE: In a guy…

Best eye color: Don¡¯t care. As long as they don¡¯t have SMALL eyes.

Best hair color: Their natural color.

Short or long hair: As long as he takes good care of it, doesn¡¯t matter.

Height: Taller than me is enough.

Best first date location: NOT MOVIES. That¡¯s too conventional. Something we can do together and find more things about each other.


LAYER TEN: In The Numbers…

Number of people I could trust with my life: 3.

Number of CD’s I own: Close to 300~400

Number of piercings: 2..Ears. But ask me this after summer. I might have more.

Number of tattoos: Ask me again after summer?

Number of times my name has appeared in the Newspaper: I was school newspaper journalist, so many times.

Number of scars on my body: 3~4.

Number of things in my past that I regret: Too many. I waste my time on thinking back to the past too much.




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