moving out tomorrow.. hmm I’m already moving some boxes into my car.. Tomorrow Mom and Dad’s coming here with a van, so it shouldn’t take long to actually moving out.. It’ll take time to move in and unpack though, since I hate unpacking. hehehe. Yah, I LOVE LOVE LOVE packing cuz im always like, OKay what can i get rid of, and what can i put away so I wont have to see? How much can I pack into a box? =)

Well~ I’m really excited about where I’m living next year.. including the summer I mean.. It’s just gonna be like Aladdin this year.. All the KCAG people living in the same place. Well.. Studio plaza has more buildings.. but hey whatever.

So far, I know Eileen unni, Hyejin unni, SS oppa are living there. =) So happy~


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