Okay.. this week’s going by really slow~ It’s still Wednesday..

Tomorrow, I have a midterm in English 104A.. it should be okay.. The professor’s.. hm.. what should i say.. very evasive about the material he teaches.. I don’t get him. I think this is the first English class that I felt LOST in.. He doesn’t really focus on the significance of the work, but he mainly emphasizes the syntax.. like word choice and tone.. I just realized that’s like Mr. Kanda’s class in high school.. and I also just realized that’s the class I really hated. Haha……

Oh and for the UCSB students, there’s the Spring Career Fair coming up this Thursday, 4/29 @ Arbor Mall.. About 24 companies are participating and you will have the opportunity to meet with their employers and to talk about their position openings. Career Fair will be very useful for students who are seeking jobs for the summer or after graduation. Come check it out~!

To get the most out of this Career Fair, Counseling & Career Services is offering workshops on resume writing, researching for positions, and what not. To attend these workshops, please visit:


and click on the ‘Info for Students.’


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