It was a very busy day yesterday.. 8 oclock class.. 11, 3:30, 5:30 and then I went to KCAG meeting.  It was very very fun~ Hehehe. We talked about the election thing coming up next week.. feels kinda weird thinking that I’m going back to that kind of position again.. I seriously think if I ever get another chance at this, I can do it so much better than when I was in high school. =) Don’t know.. we’ll have to see how it turns out.

After the practice, we went to eat at Rosarito’s and Deja Vu.. I shared a very nice salad with jeankyung.. =) I’m starting to fall in love again.. with all these people in KCAG.. They’re a big group of good lovable weirdos.. so interesting.. every one of them has something very unique and so lovable. =) who would ever thought I would become so involved in a club.. especially a KOREAN one? I would’ve never guessed that in high school.. Come to think of it, I was never in the “follower” position.. I would’ve been better at being a leader if I had an experience of being the follower..

I’m really having a BLAST in college.. so sad thinking that I’d be leaving so soon.. =( But for now, i’m enjoying my life to the fullest. loving each minute, breathing each second.. Very happy. Everything’s so peaceful, strengthening my inner peace..


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  1. i’m happy you’re having a great time in college and in kcag 🙂 wink :p 😆 :heartbeat: :love: :wave: :sunny: :fun: :goodjob: :giggle: :shysmile: :spinning: :coolman: :laugh: :littlekiss:
    hehe i do like your emoticons… hehe…oh yeah… i have to find time to make you some pie dear :p … hehe maybe on thursday?? okie dokie have a great weekend!

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