When I was 5, love was mommy and daddy and my little baby sister… It was simple and comfortable..
When i was 7, I thought love was the 7-year-old boy giving me a hug and become the popular girl in kindergarten..
When I was 12, love was a pang of jealousy and possessiveness…
When I was 15, love was lust and obssession, a constant excitement and drama…
When I was 17, love became much more quiet.. Sincere, and passionate.. It was perfect the way it was, happy because I felt like I was in a romantic movie…
Now I realize, I was merely looking for an object to love, instead of simply beaming with love from within.
Almost 20 years, I’m back to where I was. Love is simple and easy. Not painful, because even hurt is sweet if you love.


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  1. :heartbeat: ahhh i almost cried while reading this…its soooo sweet…..something i’ve always thought in my head but never knew how to put them in words…you did it grl…awwwwwwwwww

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