Hmm been kinda lazy.. hehe
I need to wash my car after my 2 oclock section. yupyup. I wish they allowed people to wash their cars in the parking lot..
Can you believe that I have a midterm already? Well, it’s next week. I really don’t like the quarter system.. Errr.. But I guess it can be kinda fun too you know? I can take that many classes during the school year.
Anyways~ I’ve been feeling really good lately.. Must be the weather. Except for the few past days, it’s been really warm and sunny. Just the way I like it. When I was little and gloomy, I liked the dark sky right before the rain. You know what I’m talking about right? Like dark, cloudy, on-the-verge-of-tears kind of sky.. But living in California for so long, I can’t imagine myself living without this hot, dry weather. I love it!

Tomorrow, Suzanne’s coming down to visit me and to spend the weekend here. It’s gonna be fun~ I’m gonna take her shopping downtown, La Cumbre.. maybe a movie too! Hm.. I’m so excited~ I always want to take Suzanne places that I’ve been to. And I always wanted to take her shopping downtown and try new restaurants! =) She said that she and mom will be here around 1 or 2.. In the morning, I’ll go park my car somewhere else.. and then mom and take my spot and dad can take whatever spot available. =) My 11 oclock class is canceled so I’ll clean up and stuff after Econ.. maybe I should just meet them at McDonald’s, if I can’t find parking anywhere in the morning. Ah well~

Gotta go work now~


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