Hmmm.. 11:20 AM right now.. I’m at work. man, my schedule is crazy today. It sucks. After work, I have to run to the Student Health at 12 cuz I have the usual monthly meeting with the committee members… The election coming up soon and we have to get our proposal on the ballot soon. And right after that, I have to come back to the Counseling & Career Services for our weekly meeting at 1.. And then right after that, I have a section at 2 for Econ.. We have a quiz today..
Then I get 2-hour break.. I’m probably gonna “lock” myself in the library and study until my 5 o’clock section for english 133, and 6 o’clock section for english 104.. then 7 o’clock for criminal justice class. Yah that’s the one with Judge Lodge. That class ends at 8:15.. Crazy huh? So basically, I’m at school for over 9 hours. No wonder I hardly have any time for studying. I get to study little over 3~4 hours. Man.,.. I wish I had more time to study.
I’m going home this weekend though~ so yay~ more work for me. yupyup.
Anyways.. I should go review for econ.. cuz this is probably the only time i could study for that quiz before the class.


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