Hmmmm i guess last night, i was just leaving random notes on people’s xangas, and got a little too passionate about my beliefs. hehehehe. sorry sean, didn’t mean to scare you like that. But, disregarding any specific xanga entry relating to this subject, i just think it’s kind of silly to think “oh men have it easier” or the vice versa. life and relationship are hard for everyone, women and men alike. The problem comes from people, individually, victimizing themselves in situations. Women and men, alike, should not purposely behave to provoke jealousy or anger from the other person. But if you care to look at each situation carefully, everyone has their reasons. Women claim that they need more attention from men. Any woman would tell you that she would like more attention from men. Not just their men, but OTHER men too. And why not? It’s not an issue of infidelity. It’s purely self-assurance issue. Some women don’t need this assurance from other men. My hat’s off to them and this is how I wish to become. When women with attachment go out with other men, it’s their insecurity, not infidelity.

When men, however, go out with women, it’s easier to think that they are acting out of lust. I dont want to make any generalization here, but when I deal with men at clubs, etc, I assume that they are lustful and they’re only looking for something/someone to quench their desires.

Yes, maybe I should study more in depth on this issue before making a statement or a theory. Have you ever seen Jerry Macguire? A group of divorced women sit in a living room every Friday and have a “discussion.” What I saw was a bunch of women who fantasize about women empowerment and reconciliation, but in fact, losers of their lives. All they do is complain. It’s all talk, no action. They generalize and complain.

What I’m trying to say here is, I don’t want to become a feminist who theorizes and criticizes, fantasizing that I’m becoming this woman warrior, you know? When I was leaving notes on people xangas, I guess for a moment, I felt like that woman warrior who never exists in myself. I apologize for all my stupid comments. There’s no point of discussing this at all, unless people stop victimizing themselves. No more discussion.


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