Happy Anniversary baby..

I loved you since the moment I saw you in that silly band class in high school 4 years ago.. It was the best 2 years of loving you, of learning to love myself, of understanding the power of honest love. I’m going to be in love with you in this life and the next, forever and always. *muah* Every step, every bump, right? I love you for loving me, loving me for who I am even I didn’t realize existed.  — Your Jeanie…

Hmm it was cooler than last two days.. My classes are really relaly fun. It was a bit hectic today, especially emotionally becuase I was busy planning what to do after my last class at 7. March 30th.. It’s our 2 year anniversary.. we did our usual celebration.. =) I also bought a big ice cream cake.. =) Such a happy day.


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  1. :love: awwwwwwwwwwww thats shooo kyoote…wait…i’m confused..since high school??? monta vista?? our school?? hrmm where the hell was i??? anyways..hope you two had a lovely day together….and oOh i had a dream abou tyou…well it was only for 5 sec. but yeah i was at church and i saw you there heehee that was it…but anyways…hope everythings treating you right AND with love//happiness muah chica*

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