The break is finally over. Hmmm I dont’ know if I’m happy or not. Whatever. My first class today is at 5. That’s a section so there’s a high possibility of it getting canceled. I spent about 215 dollars on books. And I still need to buy books for econ 2 and pol s 121. damn.. It’s ridiculous.. How is it that students can afford to spend about 300 dollars per quarter just on the books? Gosh.. Hope there aren’t that many books for those two classes. Mmmm.

Went to Costco today and I bought some carrots and veggie.. I need to start eating healthy again. damn.. Spring break was so horrendously bad for my healthy diet. Anyways.

Yah and I brought my computer down here. It’s cool. I have more room and stuff. =) The only bad thing is that it’s not Korean Windows so I can’t really read any korean on MSN messenger. But other than that, i’m good. =)


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