The last final is in two hours, and I’m studying in the library. Well.. Semi-studying. Heh. I’m really really excited about this one. I still can’t believe I have a Saturday final, but it’s all good. After this, I’m going to do some shopping, and then pack to go home. I’m leaving here around 10 tomorrow… I’m not taking my car, so it’s gonna sit there collecting dust in my parking space. Heh. I’m really tired of this quarter. I cant wait to go home for SPRING BREAK!!!

Maybe, I’m thinking about taking my computer down here next quarter. I have a laptop now, but I want more space. And a burner. My laptop’s supposed to be for businessperson. So it’s really light and easy to carry around. Only bad thing is that it has only 5 GB, and I don’t know how I survived a year and a half with just that.. So~~~ I want my computer at home to be here.. Just need a network card and I’ll be set. It’s old and I dont love it, but at least, it has more disk space and a burner.

Can’t wait to get done with this final and go home. *muah~*


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  1. wOohOo you’re coming home!!! LETS CHILL!!! i’m bascially free during my whole spring break so lets chill okae??? lets get some coffee chit chat and juss have fun….and if you’re allowed..lets go clubbing too!!!! lets go lets go lets go and juss have fun okae sweetie??? call me 4088914153

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