Wooooo finals start really soon. My first one is on Tuesday. MCDB 24. Then Econ on Wednesday, then ENglish on Thursday, Poli Sci on Saturday. Woohoo~ then it’s SPRING BREAK!!!

Well, not like I have anything planned really. I just wanna relax and chill with my friends… I gotta start studying for LSAT and Japanese.. I don’t wanna take japanese classes, so i’m just gonna study on my own and pass the placement test. yupyup. Or at least call english dept. if they would accept high school credit, like the university language requirement was replaced by my korean sat score and French AP class.

well well well. I hope everyone does well on the finals~ That goes out to you UC people! See you soon at home. And for SB people, good luck and I”ll see you next quarter!


2 thoughts on “

  1. geez, you spend so much time changing the look of your xanga..
    the last picture was all seductive. i dont know what to say about this one… it looks like yer puckering up to the camera. is this what you look like before a kiss?
    oh and u suck for having wrecked my home. =)

  2. nice xanga again!!! show me how to decorate xanga later jean okay? hehe, so..how’s studying going? haven’t seen u a while ^^ yep..i miss u,u know…keke…hope ur doing GOOD and good luck on ur finals~!!!

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