The Battleaxe result from the other test.. Yes, I truly believe that’s me. That test is pretty accurate. But on Sex-Love questions, I half answered for Love, half answered for Sex.. I’m a Scorpio, a truly mysterious and sexual person. My desire for men is purely based on the sexual energy I get from them. I think not many girls at my age are as comfortable as I am with their sexuality. I do believe in sex when two people are in love, or in significant relationship, but I also believe sometimes, sex is fun and entertaining. That’s how I feel.

All the other ones are precisely accurate.
Deliberate: I’m a judgmental person, whether that be a negative or a positive attribute. I naturally analyze, my thoughts go through multiple steps of the thinking procedure until I reach the answer. I am good at planning things. I strategize for anything, everything. Men, my future, discussion, school, etc. This is how I achieve the confidence.

Brutal: I often see myself as a brutal person. No, I don’t find pleasure in physically hurting people or in seeing bloody things. But I do, sometimes, findn pleasure in hurting people emotionally. Selectively moral, is also true. I don’t agree with many morality stuff they taught us back in grade school, simply because I don’t think it’s realistic. No offense to people who want to live their perfectly moral life, but I just don’t wanna bother with that kind of stuff. I wanna live my life as I see fit, as humanly as possible. I don’t do harm until they harm me. Give-and-Take is the master strategy of my life.

Master: I’m idealistically realistic. Or realitically idealistic. I think alot, more than the majority of people in the world. I have a comprehensive understanding of myself and my universe. This is all because I plan alot, I think alot, I think of different scenarios until I master the primary strategy. I have more secondary experience than first-hand experience, simply because I think a lot.

So yah, I do think this test is accurate. I knew about this even before taking the test. I just wanted to show the result to people, that’s all. =)


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