had a very bad day. It’s the damn weather. It rained so hard today, wasn’t even funny. I skipped MCDB because I was feeling so bad. *sigh* That’s the second time I’m missing a class this quarter. I hate rain so much. I guess I can appreciate light rain from time to time, when I’m inside. But it poured today and I had to be at school from 8 in the morning till 4. In the morning, I had to be at the interview thingy at work, then I had Econ, MCDB, and Poli Sci. I went to Econ, but I just sat in the library during MCDB, then went to Poli Sci at 3. After that class, I went to the library again to finish reading White Boy Shuffle. So I just came back and took a shower. Almost 8 now. I’m so tired, I think I’m going to sleep really early today.

I was supposed to watch Passion of Christ today with Mike, but he said he had something at 9, so I guess I’ll be watch it some time next week. I’ll be busy all day tomorrow so yah. I think I’m getting back to the “STUDY STUDY STUDY 24/7” mode. It feels quite nice. Damn weather though.

Hope it doesn’t rain tomorrrow. Well, actually, I already know it’s gonna rain, so I hope at least, it doesn’t rain as much as today. Cuz it was so gross today, getting my pants and backpack all wet. It’ll start to dry a little, then I’ll step into a puddle or something. Damn weather.



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  1. hilo jean! hehe my nor cal pal! i’m finally leaving comments on your site. ^_^ haha your sexy pose in your profile pic.. are you trying to suduce your readers ? hehe just teasing.. well, i’m happy i get to see you more often at like jinjoo’s and hanul meeting.. take care dear and don’t stress too much! :sunny:

  2. yeah the weather sucks up here in norcal too…
    but it’s an awful shame to have bad weather by the beach.
    its weird how weather affects your mood so much.. but yeh, hope it gets better soon =)
    oh and nice pic, uhh.. very seductive.

  3. hey jean, how r u doing? havent seen u online..studying these days?? yeah..good luck on ur finals and after dis quarter ends..teach me how to decorate xanga alright? keke..ttyl~

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