Hmmm it was kinda tiring process.. the interview i mean. At work today, we went through the Group Interview process because we’re selecting new peer advisors for next school year. I’m on the panel and it was so exhausting, trying to figure out who each applicant really is, not just the names and faces but also their personalities. It is pretty overwhelming to see how fast we could all determine who we liked and disliked. You would never imagine that is possible during a 60 minute group interview. But it is! We pretty much had the same judgment on each applicant. We would overhear someone who kept on interrupting people to talk about only his/her opinions. We would even pick up unattentive listeners. It was scary, to think I was sitting there last year being judged by my co-workers today.

Anyways, things are going great. I really should start looking for a new apartment. I think I wanna live in downtown. Or Patterson. Sure it’s kinda far but it’s also quieter and less like a college community. I can’t stand IV anymore. It’s so loud and dirty and the landlords are just out to get the students. I hate how they rip us off.

Oh and I had a weird dream last night. I was verbally arguing with my econ professor and the head TA about how I deserve a better grade and stuff. They told me “we don’t really care if you learn anything, we’re here to teach and get paid” HAHAHAHHAHAHA. It was weird!


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  1. hi jean! hehe, how funny we saw twice today..¸Ç³¯ ¸ø ¸¸³ª¼­ ³¯¸®¿´´Âµ¥..¤»¤»¤» the pho was good huh? it was very neat talking to u today..we should do it more often ^^ alright goodnight and ttyl~

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