haha. that clothing test was funny. =) I always want stuff from Victoria’s Secret.. Too bad I can’t afford them. =(

It’s raining this morning. That sucks, cuz that means I have to walk to school. Damn.. I’m studying for econ. This is so last minute. I feel bad. *ugh*

I’m gonna update more tonight. THere’s something I wanna talk about but dont have time to right now.


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  1. awww its raining there too??.well here…it was raining HARD HARD HARD til yesterdai…i swear..i thought i was gonna get blown away by the wind and get swept away by the rain hahahha anyways..awwww i like kittens but they kinda scare me once they all fully grown….anyways..hope everythings going well for you..hahah you remember my room??? well guess what?? i remember yours too hahahhahaa well see you soon

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