so something really amazing happened today

=) My first class today was the English discussion section at 10. So I went to class, and I guess it was an evaluation day for all the TAs. Professor was there in our class. When we were all walking in, the class hadn’t even begun yet, my TA turns to me and says, “Oh Jean, I read your paper. It’s so good, I’m really impressed!” I’m like, woohoo, recognition right in front of the professor, the hottest professor I’ve yet to met! kekekekke

So that really made my morning. Then after, I decided to ditch CLAS (it’s like a tutoring section for Econ, for free) I figured that I could just do a drop-in on Tuesday before the exam #2. I went to the library instead. I started looking for some books to read. THen I came home, ate. THen off to Borders and Starbuck’s to enjoy the afternoon. Very Very good. So relaxing, so hot, the coffee tasted wonderful. =) I felt like I was enjoying life so much!


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