hmm finally done with midterms

well still have econ “midterms.” In my opinion, they shouldn’t call the 25-point exams three times in a quarter “MIDTERM” that’s a quiz. *sigh* anyways!

I don’t wanna go to work. I’m very very lazy right now. It’s so sad. kekeke. Oh but I cleaned my desk and arranged stuff in a different way cuz I got sick of how it looks. =P

And I love how my new shampoo makes my hair feel so soft. Well it happens everytime I switch the brand. Every month. Hehe. I’m just weird like that so I need a new shampoo or a conditioner every month. =)

I’ve been doing pilates for a month now. Definitely better than going to the gym. I still can’t believe going to the gym made me gain more weight. Pilates is so much better. kekeke.

The weather today is so beautiful. So sunny and warm. I might walk to work.. but I wont because I might get tired AFTERwards. =)


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