seriously.. I’m so worried about mom.

She has the back disk HNP.. She can hardly move about.. Can’t lift heavy stuff.. She just lives with my sister cuz both dad and I live away from home. Our parents are seriously sacrificing themselves to support her singing career. Yah “CAREER.” But it seems to me that they are the ONLY ones who are sacrificing for that career. My sister doesn’t do anything. She doesn’t practice at all. And yah, I guess people think she’s a good singer and all. Yah, but seriously, DOESN’T EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO BE A SINGER SING BETTER THAN HER?  She doesn’t even know how to read music!  Okay well, then shouldn’t she try a little harder to practice so that she’ll get better? And sound better than most people? She MIGHT have a talent, but hey people NEVER succeed only by their talents. 1% of talent and 99% of practice. That’s the only way to succeed.

And whenever I tell her this, she’s all, oh I don’t care. I don’t care if I don’t become anything. It’s my life, I can do whatever. She said to me today she doesn’t care if she doesn’t succeed at all. THEN WHY MAKE MOM AND DAD SACRIFICE THEIR LIVES LIKE THAT? We’re nearly going backrupt because of her! I can’t even study what I want to study because my parents are supporting her. SHE DOESN’T WANT THEM TO SUPPORT HER. YES, she said that. She said that she would rather just fly to Korea and audition for an entertainment company and get trained there. The process is so dangerous for a girl to do that because they rape girls and take pictures of their naked bodies to make the contract to their advantage. That happened to so many singers I know. SHE’D RATHER DO THAT THAN LIVE WITH MY PARENTS.  I seriously don’t want my mom to go to Korea. I’ll miss her and thinking that she’s supporing my fucking sister who doesn’t even appreciate my family.

I’m SO ready to leave her as a sister. I can’t put up with her shit anymore. She’s so fucking childish and she seriously deserves to die. I’ve been putting up with all her bullshit MERELY because she’s my sister. But hey, what the hell. There are people who talk to their siblings once a year. I’d rather do that than get this stressed out every time we have a meaningful conversation.

What else does she want? She’s contradicting herself. She says she doesn’t need parents, AND THEN she says she wants them to be nice to her. What the hell.. WHat does she want? A servant?

I’m not gonna let my parents suffer like that because of her immaturity and stupidity. She doesn’t deserve us. SHe wants to “live unsuccessfully on her own” okay that’s fine with us. We just cared too much. We’re sorry. So get the fuck out of that house. Go to Korea on your own. Ticket? Go work and buy a ticket for yourself. Get a place to live in Korea on your own. Money? WORK. If you succeed, good for you. You’re just another stupid singer who got raped. If you dont’ succeed, what did I tell ya. STupid fucking bitch.


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  1. i gueSs ur sisters jus too young to undeRstand and appreciate wat ur famiLy is trying to do..mebbe sum tyme wiLL werk~ newaiss, hope u feel better n take caress~~

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