Tell me I’m the stupidest person on earth.
I went home over the weekend and left my computer there. AHHHHH So for this week, I’m going to the library everyday to use the computer.. How pathetic. =P

Isn’t it weird that I started GAINING weight when I started working out? It’s the weirdest thing ever… Aren’t you supposed to LOSE weight when you working at least an hour a day? Plus, I bike to school and back everyday. So I’m very active throughout the day. I didn’t eat more particularly.. Just normal. ERRR I gained seven pounds until yesterday and lost 3 pounds today. What the hell.. What’s up with this weird weight fluctuation all of a sudden? I don’t FEEL fatter or slimmer.. It’s just numbers are really confusing.

So we’re accepting new peer advisors for next year. Awwwww, the newbies. =) Just to think that I was going through the same application process and how nervewrecking the interview was.. kekekekeke.. But anyways, I don’t know if I’m gonna stay but we’ll see.


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  1. hey grl…ahha its the whole wInTeR season thing i tell you….people tend to gain weight during winter…OR it can be that you gained muscle….see thats why you dont feel fat….and grl dood you are NOT so lil weight wont hurt…hahhahaha as for me…yeah winter is taking its role…i have gained gained gained hahahha but its okae…i love all my rolls hahhaha lol muah*

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