hehehe I hope I didn’t offend anyone when I said I’d rather read Emerson and Thoreau. I don’t know. They were the ONLY reading I actually really enjoyed in Lit Honors. Hehehe

Hmm right now, I’m reading Colors of Mountain.. It’s for the paper I’m writing for Poli Sci 136, Politics in China. So far, it’s really engaging. Good thing I added this class at the last minute. Hehe. I love it!

Ah.. 3-day weekend is coming up.. Yup.. I feel like weeks are going by soooo fast now. Maybe cuz I go home every week. Hehehe. I’m so glad my dad HAPPENS to work in Orange County so I can go home every weekend with him. I’d be soooo homesick if I didn’t go home this often. I don’t know how other people do it.

Hmmm I’m getting tired.. I’m gonna go read a bit more.


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