So.. it’s 1:14AM.. so technically, it’s not the 12th, but the 13th.. heh..

It was a nice day. I got up at 7, and went to work out.. Then came back to take a nice hot shower.. Then I watched some Korean game show.. It was funny! =) Even Grace watched it. But I had Econ at 12, so I didn’t finish the video; I had to watch it again after my classes! kekeke.

Econ wasn’t so bad today. I feel bad for the professor. He has this tendency to stutter from time to time, and students giggles every time! I feel bad every time someone does that~

Well, then I had MCDB, Poli Sci, then the SMPO meeting.. All in a row, I had to bike so fast from place to place. Errr. Oh well~ Tomorrow I only have my work from 1~3, then English at 5. =) Yay~

So tired. *yawn~*


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  1. wow you one busy grl~~~but hopefully you’re getting all the rest you need and eating rite to stay upbeat and in a good mood….dang if you dont…phEw~!!its gonna be hard to stay awake…anwyas…hahah iwatch them korean shows…very very entertaining heehee anyways…juss wanted to say hello and stay warm cuz the weather is getting cOlD~~~

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