Hmm at work again.
I’m just jealous right now. There are six people on my Stress Management Peer board. I knew Sara and Issac were dating even before they got on it. But a few days ago, I found out Matt and Kerry are going out toO! hehhehehe. I found out when i was telling him how I was still jet-lagged even though I got here about a week ago. He slipped up and said, “yah, my girlfriend came back from South Africa and she’s still jetlagged too” Haha. How many South Africans do we know here? Kerry. And at the meeting yesterday, Kerry and Matt were sitting very closely. =) awwww

Well, I’m almost done with Joan Didion’s Where I Came From. It was the most boring book ever when I started reading it. But by the chapter 8, I got into it a little. It’s always hard to get used to the flow of the essay form of books, especially just about one subject. Walden was kind of like that. Well, this one is less poetic compared to Walden, it’s about California and her family history since the Donner Party. I really like the book now. Maybe not as much as Walden, but it’s an okay book. Heh. I wish one of the assigned readings were Emerson or Thoreau. I absolutely love them!


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