Hmm.. it was really a fun day today.

I had a class at 10, then at 5.. So I planned a lot of fun stuff in between. After the 10 oclock class, I went to use the egg chair.. I relaxed in there for about half an hour, then I met up with Mike to go to downtown. =) I got a really cute skirt from Reference.. Hm, funny fact of the day. I guess Forever21 bought Reference.. They have Forever21 bags now. Aw, I liked Reference bag better! kekeke. It’s a pink skirt. It’s really cute. =) I’ll put up a picture sometime.

Then, I went to class. I stayed awake the whole time! It’s really horrible trying to stay awake when I’m still jetlagged. hehehe. Well, then I invited Jeankyung and Mike to Korean dinner. =) I think it went horrible. I didn’t have enough time to prepare food. It sucked. Then Jeankyung and I went to the general meeting at KCAG. I loved seeing everyone again. I met new people. Well not new. But I got introduced to more people today and it was definitely fun.

Then after the meeting, I went to Sung’s place and saw Mariko, Kim, Jen, Ben, Mani, and other few FT people from last year. It was really cool seeing everyone in one room. Well, I just have to admit, it’s not the same though. I feel like we should be in a really small dorm room, trying to keep it quiet from the RAs.. HAHAHA. I used to get really freaked out by the RAs, I remember. =)

Well~ Mike picked me up at 11:30 and I went to his house to watch some TV. I came back at 2, and now it’s 3:42.. I’ve been reading the econ textbook. It’s not that hard, I’m really looking forward to this class. =D



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